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3-Day Mexico Retreat:​
Breathwork, Yin Yoga, Meditation 
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I am Nicole 

Life to me is not a journey, there is no destination, you are here to dance, to feel alive, to love.  Similarly, I create my practice and guide movement and breath without focusing on a result. You can show up for a class with zero expectations and just curiosity. 

My own journey brought me to yoga to regulate my emotions, to notice the patterns of my mind, and learning to choose my thoughts. And there is always the next layer within me that waits to be uncovered or unlearned. You are welcome to join to inquire about yourself,  to either calm your mind or just become aware of matters most to you now. 


I received my 200-hour YTT Certification from the Yoga Alliance and guide Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. Dance and meditation are essential practices for me to release energy and return to the center, to the soul. 

Podcast & Meditations 
Yoga & Meditation
60 min - online / in Tulum

Book your session via Zoom:

Ecstatic Breath 
45 min - online / in Tulum

Book your session via Zoom:

Cacao Ceremony
60 - 90 min - In Tulum

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Yoga Retreats

in Mexico

Heart Opening Journey

3 days in Tulum 



Daily Vinyasa

Yin Yoga


Available at additional cost:


Snorkeling tour

Dance Class

Writing & Painting  Workshop


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Joyful Freedom Retreat 

7 days in Tulum or Bacalar 


Cenote, Mayan Ruins & Snorkeling Tour 

Sound Bath

Daily Yoga

Intuitive Dance


Yin Yoga


5 Love Languges Circle

Cacao Ceremony

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Rewild the Heart Retreat 

6 days in Tulum


Sound Bath

Daily Yoga

Intuitive Dance


Yin Yoga


5 Love Languages Circle

Cacao Ceremony

Private Retreat Option: 

Upon request available for private groups or couples for friends. 

Thoughts, lessons,
& How I teach
Frequent Questions about Yoga 

I hear from people that they feel not ready and not flexible enough. First of all, "good" is a judgment, the opposite of "bad" and I invite you to drop comparison, and any judgment of yourself or others on and off the yoga mat.


You might never feel ready, but I assure you that it is a priority for me to offer each practice for all body shapes, any age, and energetic capacities. If you are ready is a question of attitude much more than flexibility or strength. The practice I guide prioritizes kindness towards the self and patience.


In every pose, you are invited to find compassion and from there, reach further dear human.  

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Honor your body in a gentle Vinyasa Flow. It is accessible for all levels. Cultivate patience to grow outside your comfort zone.

We begin with an intention setting and a gentle warm-up to slowly waking up the body, spinal waves or twists followed by juicy sun salutations.


Options are given if you want to make it more intense or choose softer variations.

We end the practice with a slowing down again, mostly poses for the lower and upper back. 

We return to the intention we set at the beginning of the session and send gratitude to all parts of our bodies. 

60 min - online session
In-person1:1 or group classes in Tulum email:
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Yin Yoga & Meditation

Yin Yoga is one of the slowest form of Yoga. It targets the fascia, the conenctive tissues.

Poses are held 3-5 minutes, sitting or laying down. We practice stillness, obserivng the mind without judgement and therefore this is also a meditative practice.

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Why Breathwork is powerful

This journey combines the Wim Hof Breath or Holotropic Breath to increase resilience followed by a guided meditation to connect to your subconscious wisdom. Potentially you can access your subconsciousness through breathwork.

Benefits of this breathwork include reduced stress, more mental clarity, and enhanced physical performance, and strengthening the immune system.

One of the most powerful tools I offer is this breathwork practice and therefore one of my favorite experiences to share.

I do not believe in "good vibes only", I believe all human emotions are valid.
Come as you are.



The Five Languages of Love 

How do we express love and feel connected to others while honoring our boundaries in a kind, honest way?

Speaking our Truth

We come together to practice speaking our truth, so our relationships can reach the level of authenticity we all deserve.

Build non-violent communication skills and practice being fully present in relationships. A safe space is created for support.


Improve friendships, business
or family relationships

This workshop can help improve friendships, business or family relationships, and romantic partnerships too. It is not limited to couples and often friends or single persons attend to understand their own needs and patterns better.  

I have guided the Love Languages Workshop as a separate 60 min - workshop and now include it in my 6 Day Retreats to help participants break the ice and get to know each other through short guided exercises where they are invited to share and listen with an open mind and heart. 

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Contact Dance  & Authentic Movement​

 A fusion of authentic movement and intuitive dancing can be healing and liberating. There are no steps to learn. 

Allow music to guide you, learn to listen to how your body likes to move.


We also explore dancing together,  expressing boundaries, and how to say "yes" or "no" in a dance. 

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