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Inspiration vs. Expectation


Especially in the last 2 years I often asked myself: 

Do I live the life I want to live?


Am I happy with who I am, where I am and do I enjoy what I do?

It helps me to seek inspiration from people who live as they like without bothering about social norms or expectations from family, colleagues or friends. 


I want to pass on the inspiration I often get from travelers, yogis or anyone who is brave enough to follow curiosity more than fear.

My Mission

In September 2019 I completed my 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training certified by the Yoga Alliance. Since then I have taught Vinyasa and Yin Yoga in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Mexico. A job I had not allowed myself to dream of just a year ago. 


Besides teaching Yoga, I now freelance taking on projects in Marketing, Language Classes, and Photography.


I was behind the camera for all images on my website, except or the ones where I am in front of the lense.

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Journeys across Earth

I am originally from Berlin (Germany) but have lived in Abu Dhabi, Moscow, Dublin, Vienna, Munich, and Cancún (without counting the places I lived at for less than two months). Therefore I am not only fluent in English, German, Russian, and Spanish, the latter I learned mainly living in the Amazon.

Since October 2014 I had worked in Marketing in a multinational business based in Munich. My job allowed me to travel and grow personally still, the feeling of restlessness kept growing.


There had to be more to life, but what was I looking for? 

So I quit and got a one-way ticket to South America - it was meant to be a break, but turned out to be my lifestyle.


Let's talk!

Contact me if you are interested in  cooperating or simply want to share your thoughts on life with me!

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