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Finding calm is not an external search, but a looking within, a remembering of our natural, peaceful state. 
Come as you are. All Energy and Experience Levels are welcome.

No matter if you are new to Yoga, if you have experience or not,  - I invite you to explore how Yoga can serve you. 

Philosophy & Priorities

We prioritize breath before movement. Without the breath, we cannot do anything. When we are stressed we breathe shallowly, so when practicing Yoga Asanas (movement) we want to breathe deeply to help the nervous- system relax. With that, also our muscles relax and we can surrender into the poses. 


The emotional part of Yoga

The physical and the emotional body is connected, so through movement, we can release emotions too. The poses do target the organs too, clearly the lungs and the heart, but also other parts you might not expect to benefit such as the stomach or the kidneys.

This is your time to energize and relax.

Vinyasa Flow aligned with the Breath
Sequencing of the Flow

We begin the Vinyasa sequence with a short meditation or breathwork, continue with a warm-up to slowly wake up the body, followed by juicy sun salutations and a relaxing cool-down.

Accessible for all levels 

 There are variations offered for each pose to make it accessible for all body types and each energy level. 

Strengthen your lower and upper back, arms, legs, and core. Part of the beauty of Yoga is the balanced approach that helps to stretch the entire body.

How long is the class? 

The usual class lasts between 60-75 minutes and is suitable for all body types.  We start and end the class with slow, simple movements (15 min), in the middle the energy may increase for 20 min depending on how we feel. 


And Flow Mats-302_websize.jpg
And Flow Mats-133_websize.jpg
Yin Yoga 
Restorative benefits

In Yin Yoga we do not work on the muscles, but on the connective tissues (the fascia). 

Especially after long sitting hours or repetitive movements in daily life, our bodies can feel stiff and rigid.

May improve your sleep

If you feel discomfort in your lower back, or just want to calm down after a busy day – Yin Yoga can be great in the evening before bed time. 

Slow and Meditative

The slow pace and long holds of 3 - 5 min per pose facilitate the release of tension and a meditative state of mind can be reached.


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