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The Space Between Us - Poem

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Have you ever wondered about the different types of spaces?

The space of air between our faces,

the ones between the words that bother

as if they know we can't stop questioning what life is

chasing thought after thought like running horses,

But space can feel all so liberating

like birds lifting up high in the sky,

unlike waiting for the things unknown

that expectation certainly can pull us down.

And do you remember your favorite sound?

the bliss it brings with its vibration,

and each pause in music when it fades -

then starts again, fills time with bass.

The space between colors, flowers, trees,

the space where the sand drowns in the water of the sea,

The holes in the cheese,

the holes in the hearts,

the holes in the teeth.

Space between my soul and yours,

the boundaries we set or overstep

the space after a worry that's released.

Space that diappears when I feel seen

and you feel seen.

All of us across the atmosphere

exhale to let go, inhale to be here.

All in this one of many galaxies

it's all the same - I do believe.

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